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HDMI switcher 5 to 1
>> Product description£º


New 1.4 version of HDMI switcher 5 into 1 out, support 3D 4k*2k  resolution rate intelligent switching with remote control




Product Function£º

1   Support five HDMI input ports ,
2   Remote control switch, intelligent recognition switch with manual switching multiple choice
3   Support HDMI1.4 standard£¬and ARC and 3D TV, CEC
4   Support 3D video. 4Kx2K. 1080P. Support 36 bit color depth
5   Support compatible HDCP device£¬Support the fast switch port video
6   Support HDMI 5V power supply. DC 5V power supply optional provided
7   Support video signal enhancement, signal input / output ends of the long support 25 meters HDMI cable
8   8KV ESD protection                                         
9   Unique memory function, simple operation, quick installation
10  The full view of novel LED indicator light guide design, let the work state stick out a mile                                                          
11  Imported environmental protection ABS material, stable performance excellence
12  Another picture in picture (PIP) version of the optional support


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