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HDMI splitter 1x8 (AL)
>> Product description£º


New surface of the latest HDMI splitter 1x8, Aluminium alloy housing, has good heat dissipating function, Support 1.4version 4K*2K resolution rate.



Products Information£º

This is the  new surface of the latest HDMI splitter, the appearance of the anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy and metal structure housing, radiator grille holes are arranged on both sides of the body, good heat dissipating function more than ordinary iron hulled, to ensure that the products can work stably for a long time, subversive innovation design, the perfect realization of the free combination between fashion and technology. At the same time, customers can according to their own preferences to customize different colors.


Product Description£º

The splitter allows display one HDMI Ultra HD source up to eight
Ultra HD displays. Means users can get eight TV sets or Monitors display
the same content transmitted by one HDMI device like DVD,Set- top box, PC etc at the same time.


Product Function£º

1  HDMI 1.4 compliant
2 Support resolutions up to Ultra HD(3840*2160@30HZ)
3 Support up to 36 bit/pixel Deep Color
4 Support LPCM 7.1, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby digital plus,
and DTS-HD Master audio
5 Support HDMI input/output cable up to 10 meters
6 Support HDCP 1.3
7 Support mode adjust, compatible with most of the HDMI
source and sink devices

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