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HDMI extender (60metres)
>> Product description£º

This extender use single UTP LAN cable (CAT5e/6) to substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission (60metres) under 1080P



Product Description:

This extender use single UTP LAN cable (CAT5e/6) to substitute
HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission, the transmission
distance extend up to 60 meters under 1080P. And build in EDID
analyses module, user can update the EDID by the button of READ, to
fit in different display devices.



Product Function:

1.   High-grade appearance: high quality aluminum alloy shell, high-grade appearance at the same time, improve the heat dissipation and stability, durability
2.   FULL-HD 1080P with 3D perfect support
3.   One CAT5e/6 cable can replace the HDMI line to achieve long distance transmission, saving cost
4.   Automatic gain control, equalization, signal enhancement, don¡¯t need user for extra settings
5.   Support for uncompressed audio format:
DTS-HD/Dolby-true HD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3
6.   Without loss of signal, the 1080P video transmission distance (transmitter and receiver connected cables) up to 60 meters
7.   USA imported chip, guarantee the quality of the signal, the transmission stability
8.   EDID keys to read, display equipment support EDID information access, can be compatible with a variety of display devices (including DVI display equipment)
9.   LED lights, real-time display of the working state of equipment




1. HDMI wire is expensive, and according to the length of custom
2.  On the market of HDMI wire length are several size fixed, the user cannot change the HDMI line of arbitrary length, instead use cable can according to the demand of free cutting
3. Wiring simple and convenient construction, long distance HDMI wire rod diameter flexibility is poor, the most important is damaged beyond repair, and cable wiring technology has been very mature, convenient construction. Is the best choice for home HD experience, multimedia teaching and small public regional etc.
4.  Only need one cable can transmit 1080P@60Hz HD video, compared to the double wire HDMI extender products can save a cable
5  Use cable as transmission medium in HD, HDMI wire cost than direct transmission to save 50%, can be said to be the most economical choice of long distance transmission in HDMI

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